Let’s End Passive Learning

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat relieved that this is my last post for this semester. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated the freedom of blog posts, but this is my first time taking classes in a semester other than fall and winter and I have to admit it has … Continue reading Let’s End Passive Learning

“…deep, Deeper, Deepak”

As Deepak Chopra says “You are not your mind or your thoughts.” Thank you "beautiful people with beautiful problems" (Del Rey, L. (feat. Nicks, S.), 2017, track no. 12) for letting me express my experience. I did not realise that I had so much deep-seated frustration about Alberta's education system. Coincidentally, for the past year … Continue reading “…deep, Deeper, Deepak”

This Is Everything I Wanted In A University Course

Where, oh where did the time go? It feels like it was just last week that I was writing my first blog post for this course, now I am writing my reflection post. When this course first started I was very nervous about the way it was structured. By the second week of classes though … Continue reading This Is Everything I Wanted In A University Course

Only good things to say about this class!

I wish I had taken this class before. I would have been able to answer to my own questions and taken some weight off my shoulders because school’s grades, the amount of information to memorize, and the fact that I was not able to remember that information from past semesters made me strongly believe that … Continue reading Only good things to say about this class!

Thank you

I’m very grateful to have taken this class. By far one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken in my university career. The structure of the course is very different than the traditional lecture class which was a bit frightening at the beginning but it proved to be more engaging at the end. I believe … Continue reading Thank you